Monday, April 21, 2014

Little Tavern... DC's Original Burger Joint

The popularity of burger spots in the DMV sparked a recollection of the OG of the area's burger scene: Little Tavern. The Little Tavern brand thrived for more than 50 years throughout the region. Their slogan, "Buy Em By The Bag", encouraged customers to purchase what we now call sliders in multiples of three. Their distinctive tudor cottages are still prominent around town. Click below to learn more about their legacy, and let us know if you recognize pics of some of their former locations.

Here are some of our shots that may be familiar from around town:

Wisconsin Avenue, NW - Georgetown

College Park, MD

7th & Penn. Ave., SE

8th & H Street, NE

M Street, NW - Georgetown

                             The Current Union Market

Little Tavern was founded in Louisville, KY in 1927. By the 1940's, 45 stores were operating in Louisville, Baltimore and the DMV. It's not surprising to find recent You Tube videos, like the one below, that feature recipes for their famous burgers:

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