Wednesday, June 18, 2014

DMV Media... Live broadcasts of Mystics games delivered free to mobile devices


In what could be considered a clear sign of what's to come in sports media, the folks at Monumental Network are providing a live stream of Mystics WNBA games. Currently the mobile app, Mystics Live, is fully supported by Apple iOS phones and tablets. Since Ted Leonsis and his group at Monumental Sports & Entertainment also own the Caps and Wizards, we could very well be getting a glimpse into how live sporting events will be directly distributed to fans by the teams themselves. Could this trend prove to eliminate a significant source of revenue for broadcast companies?

The app reportedly offers viewers six camera angles, instant replays and team stats. It is available on devices within a 75-mile radius of DC. For more, check out this June 16, 2014 announcement from Monumental Network.