Friday, August 19, 2016

DMV Connections... Olympics edition

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USA athletes have been crushing it at this year's summer Olympics in Rio.  Shout out to the multiple DMV athletes for truly representing.  With that in mind, take a look at a couple of past local athletes who've also made the area proud in previous Olympic events.

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Sugar Ray Leonard 1976  (courtesy

Sugar Ray Leonard, who lived in the DMV from an early age, won the gold for the USA in 1976. He continues to make moves.  Click here for information about "Hands of Stone", a movie released this week about his life, has received some great reviews.

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Jair Lynch - 1996 (courtesy

1996 Olympic silver medalist Jair Lynch lived in the DMV for many of his formative years.  He attended high school in Washington, DC, and went on to become a prominent gymnast at Stanford University.  Lynch is another local who's continued to make moves. Have you seen the building being built in the 600 block of H Street, NE? It's the one across from the eventual Whole Foods that currently has Starbucks and Unleashed signs up.  That's a project being developed by Lynch's real estate partners firm.  Check out his site to see the other projects he's currently working on.