Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DMV Development... Donohoe's H Street NE Project

Last month, we wrote a post about the H Street Storage Facility being told that their status is expected to change in April. An update from them earlier this week revealed that storage customers will be made aware of the plans in a few weeks, so if you know anyone who wants to avoid the mass exit (only two elevators), heads up! Anyways, we took this shot outside of their window today. It shows the progress being made on the Donohoe project directly across the street. According to the Donohoe website, they are working for former Olympic medalist and DMV native's JAIR LYNCH Development Partners.

Many may remember DC Government offices being housed in these buildings for years. If all of them have not been abandoned, they will be soon.

The final apartment complex will include a 9-story building with 181 units, as well as a 5-story building with 126 units. They'll also have three levels of parking.